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Parent Forum

Parent Forum is a route through which parents as a group can share their views and ideas with the academy and for the governing body to consult with parents.

Some of the benefits for parents are:

  • Parents have a forum in which they can come together, share ideas and put forward their views
  • Their active involvement in decision making is increased, fostering a culture of ownership and participation
  • Parents have more information about their children’s education and the quality of that education
  • Parent forums can improve working relationships between the academy and parents.

Some of the benefits for the academy are:

  • The academy is able to develop a better understanding of the views and needs of parents and how they might address them
  • Parents contribute time, ideas and skills which complement the ideas, skills and expertise of the academy staff and governors
  • Parent forums provide a clear route for parents as a group (rather than individuals) to feedback to the academy and governing body.

Meeting Dates

Our next Parent Forum will take place on Thursday 25th January at 6.00pm and will be held in the LRC.

For more information regarding the Parent Forum please contact the following staff:

Joan GoodrichParent Support
Paul McCahillAssistant Headteacher:
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