Year 7 Intake

When there are more applicants than places available at the Academy, the following criteria will be used to determine which children will be allocated places:

  • Looked-after child (in public care)
  • Children with a brother or sister already at the Academy who will still be in attendance in September
  • Children who live nearest to the Academy

Within each of these categories priority is given to those who live nearest to the Academy, calculated on the basis on a straight-line measurement between home and the Academy.

There is no selection by gender, race, faith or ability

Application to the Parker Academy is by completing the Local Education Authority School Common Application on-line form. Further information can be found on the Northamptonshire County Council website.

For in-year admissions, applications must still be made through Northamptonshire County Council.

How to Apply for 2022

Apply for a plACE


Appeals Procedure

Supplementary Information Form

Number of places available

KS3: 210 students

KS5: 125 students

Review Date: October 2021


The Department for Education appeals code

For the DfE’s admissions appeals code please click here.

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