Safeguarding our students

The Parker Academy is an inclusive community where every student is valued.

We exist to promote and develop our young people, recognising their achievements and celebrating their individuality. We believe that diversity enriches us and supports the learning of all.

  • The Parker Academy has a duty of care to keep all students safe
  • All students can access support and guidance through Student Support and Welfare
  • The Parker Academy works in partnership with a range of external agencies and professionals for specialised support and guidance
  • E-safety is a high priority within the Parker Academy. Students have awareness raising sessions in PSHE tutor sessions. E-safety materials can also be accessed on the academy website.

Child protection & safeguarding policy

Keeping Children Safe in Education – 2019

Designated Child Protection Staff

Safeguarding/E-Safety Resources for Parents and Carers

Think U Know

CEOP Safety Centre

Educate Against Hate


Children’s Society – The Resource Vault

Calm Harm

Live Streaming – Parent Guide

Kooth – Online Support for Young People



Safeguarding Update – June 2018

There have been some recent news stories regarding an online game ‘Roblox’. It is aimed at younger children but there have been incidences of it being used inappropriately with sexualised content.

The link below is to some basic information regarding the game:

The majority of the game use is fine but as always there is the need to be vigilant.


Extra Resources

Report Concern

Parent Pamphlet – The Prevent Strategy

Online Safety Guidance for Parents

Guide to Reporting Self Harm on Social Platforms

Managing Screen Time

Extremism Assembly March 19

Digital Piracy and Internet Safety

Conversation Starters Cyber Bulling Ages 14+

Conversation Starters Cyber Bullying Ages 11-13

Discord Guide May 2019



First Aiders

NameType of CourseDate CompletedDate ExpiresPosition
Allison Woods3 Day FAW22/06/2018January 2020Admin
Tracey Robinson3 Day FAW07/12/201806/12/2021Admin
Louise Townsend3 Day FAWOctober 2017October 2019Science/PE
Tom Kendall3 Day FAW06/09/201706/09/2020PE
Julie Hutt3 Day FAW16/07/201916/07/2022Science
Katie Brown3 Day FAW16/07/201916/07/2022Admin
Debbie Conway3 Day FAW16/07/201916/07/2022TA
Karen McCurdy3 Day FAW16/07/201916/07/2022ADT
Karen Tweedale3 Day FAW16/07/201916/07/2022ADT
Karen Punter3 Day FAWOctober 2018October 2021Data/Admin
Kate O’Connor3 Day FAW07/11/201907/11/ 2022Safeguarding Officer
Kerran Hanna3 Day FAW07/11/201907/11/ 2022T/A & POD
Julie Boyce3 Day FAW07/11/201907/11/ 2022T/A & POD
Mark McGladrighan3 Day FAW07/11/201907/11/ 2022Teacher
Chris Boikovs3 Day FAW07/11/201907/11/2022Site Team
Peter Wilkes3 Day FAW07/11/201907/11/2022Facilities Manager
Dylan Thomas3 Day FAW07/11/201907/11/2022Teacher & HOY 7
Dave Taylor3 Day FAW07/11/201907/11/2022IT
Selina Bidwell1 Day FAW07/01/201907/01/2022ADT
Emily Beaumont1 Day FAW07/01/201907/01/2022Science
Catherine Lines1 Day FAW07/01/201907/01/2022Science
Sebastian Burrows1 Day FAW07/01/201907/01/2022Humanities
Lynne Joyce1 Day FAW07/01/201907/01/2022Student Support
Pete Townsend1 Day FAW21/12/201821/12/2021Community Bookings
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