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We believe that our sixth form students will be the leaders of tomorrow and therefore we provide a personalised curriculum based on skills and values that encourage thinking, creativity, teamwork and leadership.

We want to help students to fulfil their potential and have the widest possible range of choices available to them when making decisions about their career and future study.

We know the modern work force needs qualified individuals who are flexible, resilient, self-motivated and have respect and understanding for others. We want our students to be confident as decisionmakers of the future.

Our sixth form works in collaboration with DSLV to provide the broadest range of L3, L2 and Vocational qualifications possible. Our success rates speak for themselves and the significant numbers of students that stay on after Y11 is testament to our effectiveness.

There are many opportunities for students to participate in a wide range of character-building activities. The support they give to the whole Academy through mentoring and running extra-curricular activities makes a huge impression on younger students who will be looking to the Sixth Form students for leadership and inspiration.

A dedicated and talented team of dynamic staff are on hand to enrich students experience within the sixth form. They are committed to helping and providing the very best learning opportunities for our students.


The Daventry Sixth Form – Study Programme

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