How we support our students

Being a collaborative sixth form means that the help and support you experienced in key stage 4 can be continued into sixth form.

The close working relationship of the two academies means that any issues identified can be communicated effectively to ensure that students quickly settle into the sixth form with the support they need.

We know you as an individual; we know when you need a listening ear or when you need to be given some straight talking to get you motivated. The benefits of being in a collaborative sixth form mean that these relationships aren’t lost; you don’t become a number in a large impersonal sixth form.


There are many career opportunities for students who study at the Daventry Sixth Form. In November, students are invited to our own Careers Exhibition where universities, employers and apprenticeship providers meet students to share the opportunities available to them.

All students will organise their own work experience in Year 12. This student-led initiative supports students in developing their organisational and communication skills and allows students to secure an experience at a venue of their choice.

Financial support

2018-2019 Bursary Scheme Policy

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