Uniform Policy



  • Black blazer with Parker Academy logo (Mandatory Logo Item)
  • Grey Jumper with Parker Academy Logo (Not a Mandatory Item)
  • Clip on tie in Parker Academy colour with Academy logo (Mandatory Logo Item)please note, student leaders, such as JLT members, will wear a black tie, which will be supplied by the academy to acknowledge their work).
  • White shirt/white blouse – with top button for tie
  • Black tailored trousers with zip and button. No jeans, leggings or casual trousers or Mid Knee length, box pleat skirt with or without the academy logo. No lycra skirts are permitted.
  • Black leather professional looking shoes. No trainers or trainer style shoes. No heels. Black leather ankle boots are permitted in the winter months, however these must be a professional style, i.e. no fur lining/Ugg style boots/DMs/trainer style boots.
  • Black Tights or White or Black Socks.
  • Coat: to ensure the student is dry and warm when walking to and from school and between the sites and buildings. Coats must not be worn inside the school building.
  • No ‘hoodies’ or jumpers to be worn inside the school building too, however, Purple PE ‘hoodies’ (see below) can be worn at all times on PE days.

Sports Uniform

  • Purple sports polo top with the academy logo. (Mandatory Logo Item)
  • Purple hoodie with the academy logo or Reversible sports top in academy colours and with the academy logo or Sports fleece top in academy colours and with the academy logo. (Mandatory Logo Item)
  • Black Sports Shorts, Skort, Plain black jogging bottoms or Leggings with the Academy logo.(Mandatory Logo Item)
  • Pair of rugby/football/hockey socks in the academy colours, i.e. black and purple with the academy logo. or a Pair of white sports socks
  • Sports trainers/running shoes with non-marking sole.
  • Football/Rugby boots for outdoor use. 
  • Please note that pupils are permitted to wear their PE uniform on days when they are timetabled to do PE. If they choose not to wear it to school they must bring their PE Kit and they will be given the opportunity to change into it, before and after the PE lesson. PE kit must be brought to change into for any extra-curricular clubs. Pupils are not permitted to wear their PE kit on the days they have clubs, unless it is a day when they would have a PE lesson. Optional items you may wish to purchase:



  • One small stud earring in each pierced ear.  No hoops or dangly earrings. 
  • Bracelets, rings and necklaces are not permitted. 
  • Facial studs, including nose piercings, are not permitted unless clear retainers. 

 All of the above is to comply with health and safety guidelines in practical subjects. 


  • Subtle make-up.  No false eyelashes or bright colours or heavy application. 
  • Natural looking nail varnish is permitted but no bright colours.   
  • Nail length should not exceed 2mm above the fingers.  Once again this is to comply with health and safety guidelines in practical subjects


  • Natural hair colours only.
  • No shaven heads


  • Phone and headphones are permitted; however the latter must be removed inside the school building and when walking between lessons.  Phones can be used for professional reasons within the building and both within and when walking to lessons. 
  • Hats are permitted to keep students warm in the winter months but they must not be worn inside the academy building.
  • Caps are not permitted at any time.

Uniform Suppliers

Tailor Made

6 Prospect Way

Royal Oak Industrial Estate


NN11 8PL

Tel: 01327 311125

Tailor Made Schoolwear – The Parker E-ACT Academy


Scallywagz Schoolwear

63 High Street


NN11 4BQ

Scallywagz Schoolwear – The Parker E-ACT Academy

Please find the Academy Uniform Policy here.

We do have a small supply of second hand uniform items. Please contact Ben.Jones@Pkr.E-ACT.org.uk

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