Office 365 – Student access information

16 January 2021

In order to access live lessons via Microsoft Teams, students will now need to be logged in to an Office 365 account. To allow better and more secure use of Teams, each student has had a new account provisioned.

Students will need to ensure they can access their account by signing in at with their new address, using the username and password formats detailed below:

  • Username: This will be in the format [Year of Entry] + [Surname] + [First Initial] So for example, Joe Bloggs in year 7 has a username of
  • Password: The new Office 365 accounts are synchronised with each student’s network account. Therefore, the password will be the same as that used to log on to PCs and laptops when in school.

The video below details the login process and what you can expect to see:

If you require a password reset, or any other assistance accessing Office 365, please contact

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