Student leadership

Junior Leadership Team 2019/2020


At The Parker, the Junior Leadership Team is an integral part of life. We are an academy that takes pride in listening to its students and looking to act on their ideas and it is our Junior Leadership Team who are fundamental in making this happen.

Our Junior Leadership Team are led by our Head Students, supported by our Year 11 prefects and council members. The Junior Leadership team will be excellent role models and encourage others to do the same.

It is the Junior Leadership Team that voice the ideas of the entire student body to the Senior Leadership Team and ensure that these voices shape decisions made within the academy.

Head Students:Joshua Cooney and Amber Gilston
Deputy Head Students:Merin Rejimon and Mathew Rejimon
Prefects (Year 11):Aishah Suleiman
Cassidy Tacey
Jasmin Smith
Kieran Farrell
Kira Hutchinson
Maria Caloian
Mamadou Darboe
Mia Lyons
Michelle Antaram
Molly Fordham
Council Members 
Year 7:Amber-Rose Fennell
Leane Tchakounte
Lois Antwi
Year 8:Emmy-Lou Rose Margieson
Evie Green
Harry Goodger
Year 9:Grace Bell
Natalia Read
Nigel Morgan
Year 10:Abigail Laidlaw
Amelie Lathe
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