Student leadership

Student Leadership Team 2021

At The Parker, the Junior Leadership Team is an integral part of life. We are an academy that takes pride in listening to its students and looking to act on their ideas.

Our Junior Leadership Team is comprised of our Subject and Wellbeing Ambassadors and supported by our Year 11 prefects. The Subject Ambassadors are students from years 7-10 chosen by their teachers as recognition for their commitment to their subject and excellent work produced. The Wellbeing Ambassadors are students who have volunteered to support their fellow students in their wellbeing at school and to share ideas of how student wellbeing can continue to be supported at school.

It is through these roles our Junior Leadership team voice the ideas of the student body to their teachers and the senior leadership team and ensure that these voices shape decisions made in the academy.


Head Students:Joshua Cooney and Amber Gilston
Deputy Head Students:Merin Rejimon and Mathew Rejimon
Prefects (Year 11):Amy Russell
Ciara Pierce
Ethan Anderson
Megan Pirie-Warsop
Henry Jackson
Catherine Howard
Sophia Koleva
Zac Beswick
Zac Chester
Abigail Laidlaw
Beth Winters
Chloe Tierney
Ellie Round
Josh Cave
Teegan Prior
Kitty Paton
Emily Walker
Emily Boyce
Jenna Street
Megan Whitehead
Sky Coulton
Artur Albert
Will Roberts


Subject Ambassadors

SubjectYear 7Year 8Year 9Year 10
HistoryLibby Martin
Keeleigh Mytoon
Richard Tildsley
Lilly McDonnell
Harry Ransome
Ffion Burke
GeographyMaddison NashJack Spencer
Cameron Pickering
Josh Pearson
Tia Cummings
CitizenshipIzzy Lonergan
Maisie Spence
BusinessGeorgia Maslowisz
Jake Hayward
DramaLewis George
Leane Tchakounte
Evie Green
Isabella Roupra
Harry Goodyer
Nigel Morgan
EnglishDominic Johnson
Theo Grisewood
Emmie Patchesa
Ollie Greenfield
Key Bryce
George Begent
MusicLily-Mae BoddingtonArchie Holden
Sam Bailey
Amy Bullworthy
Grayson Mellor
Katie Monaghan
ArtKarlie Ransome
Levi Johnson
Mislosz Skorma
Shariz Webber
George Baker
Beth White
DTEllie Ransome
Billy McVeagh
Andrea Smochina
George McGregor
Will Bird
Dannii Stewart
Milly-Rose Lay
MathsScarlett BarbourLyla Hepworth
Sidney Walker
ScienceLeon Hutchinson
James Connaire
Ana Ghioc
Becky Lonsdale
PEJake Smith
Casey Kristan
Nichita Babiur
Emily Lloyd
Lucy Oliver
Bethany Hewitt
Eloise Dodds
Leo Jackson
Adam Golder
Daisy Jones
Lilly Kent
Leah Ainsworth
Jai Newell
Brook Edwards
Ross Shakespeare
James Singleton
Grace Bell
Natalia Read
Sharon Osindi
Media StudiesMorgan Gilston
Emily Carroll
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