Student leadership

At The Parker, the Student Leadership Team is an integral part of life. We are an academy that takes pride in listening to its students and acting on their ideas, where possible. It is the Student Leadership Team that voice the ideas of the entire student body, through the Senate and Chambers, to the Senior Leadership Team and ensure that the ideas of the students are considered in decisions made within the academy.

Our Student Leadership Team set out to be excellent role models and encourage others to do the same. Any issues the pupils at The Parker have, or any improvements they wish to make are taken forward by the Student Leadership Team and discussed in order to fix or make them happen.

There are different layers to the Student Leadership Team: we have our Head Girl and Head Boy, their deputies, House Captains, Senate Republicans (who act for Years 7-11) and the members of Chambers (who represent students in Year 12 and 13).

Head BoyLiviu Hoza
Head GirlEleanor Schutt
Deputy Head BoyRyan Jenkins
Deputy Head GirlHarriet Billingsley
Austen House CaptainNatalia Read
Austen Deputy House CaptainMolly Teale
Conway House CaptainAmelie Lathe
Conway Deputy House CaptainAmber Gilston
Hawking House CaptainAndreea Calenic
Hawking Deputy House CaptainGeorgina Rowley
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