We recognise the importance of music as an enriching and educational activity that benefits our students. We encourage all interested students to participate and work to develop students’ talents as much as we can.



Students regularly perform at academy events and productions.



Archie H Y9 – Grade 6 – working to Grade 8

Sam B Y9 – Grade 6 Drums

Olinthus B Y8 – Grade 4 Violin

James P Y10 – Grade 4 Guitar

Kes B Y10 – Grade 5 Guitar

Frankie M Y10 – Grade 7 Guitar

Billy M Y8 Grade 6 Guitar

Oliver Hartshorne – Y8 Grade 4 Guitar

Evie B Y11 – Grade 3 Guitar

Nicholas M Y10 – Grade 2 Guitar

Extra Curricular Timetable 20-21

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