PSHRE at the Parker

As the PSHRE Lead here at The Parker E-Act Academy  I am proud to be able to promote our ongoing commitment to enriching our students understanding of the wider world and their place within it.

Although the teaching of RSE (Relationship & Sex Education) become statutory in 2020 this is something we have been doing for a long time at The Parker Academy, with a PSHRE programme that goes far beyond these requirements.

That is because it’s our mission to ensure the next generation of Parker students are ready to make a positive contribution to their community, are fully active citizens of the UK and can make smart, informed choices.

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Andrew Dunkley


Our Key areas of focus as an academy

  • Safeguarding, online safety, safe use of substances, making smart choices, positive interactions and protective behaviours
  • Being an active citizen (Democracy, participation in the justice system, taxation, our rights and responsibilities, the role of the UK in the global world and how our country works)
  • Understanding faith, diversity and cultures (through a study of religion)
  • Understanding the diversity of the human race, and promoting acceptance (LGBTQ+, multiculturalism, gender, disability and identity as individuals)
  • Promoting our fundamental British values
  • Understanding the impact of our decisions and behaviour


How is PSHRE delivered

  • Students have a 30-minute PSHRE slot every week as part of their tutor programme. This links in with the broader theme of the week, introduced with an assembly.
  • We also have half termly drop-down days, allowing students to explore key issues they may face as they move through school and become active members of society.

This collectively includes some 49 hours of curriculum time over the course of the school year, which we feel is necessary to ensure we have the time to fully reflect and explore these topics with our students.

Further information

Attached on this page you will be able to find an overview of all the PSHRE topics we cover as an academy, in addition to timetables for our upcoming drop-down days and our tutor overviews. Our curriculum is subject to ongoing review to ensure it continues to meet the needs of our cohort and we will continue to update this page with the latest information moving forward


Information on our upcoming Drop Down Day

Drop Down Day Timetable – Friday 26th March

Letter to Parents

Letter to Parents


PSHRE – Provision Outline

PSHRE Provision Map 2020-21

PSHRE Curriculum Overview 2020-21


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