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As the PSHRE Lead for Parker I am proud to be able to promote our ongoing commitment to enriching our students understanding of the wider world and their place within it. Although this is to become statutory in 2020 this is something we have been doing for a long time at Parker. As we believe passionately in educating the whole child as a future citizen of the UK. Not simply enrolling them as a training exercise for key examinations.

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Andrew Dunkley


Our Key areas of focus as an academy

  • Safeguarding, online safety, safe use of substances, making smart choices, positive interactions and protective behaviours
  • Being an active citizen (Democracy, participation in the justice system, taxation, our rights and responsibilities, the role of the UK in the global world and how our country works)
  • Understanding faith, diversity and cultures (through a study of religion)
  • Understanding the diversity of the human race, and promoting acceptance (LGBTQ+, multiculturalism, gender, disability and identity as individuals)
  • Promoting our fundamental British values
  • Understanding the impact of our decisions and behaviour


How we do this

All our pupils learn about key aspects of their world through morning registration time, which is structured to include the following, A PSHRE Session, Literacy Intervention, Numeracy, Religious Studies and an assembly. All related to a key theme of the week.

In addition to this students also have a drop down day, each term which is an opportunity to focus on key aspects of their PSHRE Curriculum. Throughout the whole day, as a year group we focus on enriching the student’s awareness of the world around them through a range of sessions, delivered both internally and by external agencies to fully enrich our students understanding of the world around them. Our delivery partners include a broad spectrum of agencies including Northamptonshire police, Daventry town council, and a range of voluntary sector organisations.

Close collaboration is key to what we do as an academy and our curriculum continues to be influenced by liaison with our safeguarding team, and wider staff team to ensure we are addressing key issues that are affecting our students. Colleagues with area’s of specialist interest are regularly called upon to share expertise, and student and parental voice remains at the heart of what we do.

Please see below the timetable from our more recent drop down day.

Drop Down Day – December 2019

Information on our upcoming Drop Down Day

Drop Down Day Overview

Letter to Parents

Letter to Parents

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