Our curriculum in years 7-11

Core Purpose

Our mission is to give all of our pupils an outstanding education through a curriculum which enables them to explore, think, discover, create and achieve and so realise their full potential.

Our pupils are to thrive in their academies, developing respect, resilience and a lifelong love of learning, so equipping them for their future.



We have the highest ambitions for our students and we have designed a curriculum which not only allows students to develop a life long love of learning through the core subjects but also allows them to develop their creative side. All of our students can access the curriculum regardless of prior attainment or personal situations.

The curriculum is planned so that there are clear routes forward for all students and that they will be able to gain experience across academic and vocational subjects which will help all students engage in their learning.

Students will take their options at the end of Year 9 and this will give them the time to understand the subject and specialise when they have accumulated sufficient knowledge.



We expect all teachers to have a good knowledge of their subject and inspire the students within their subject.

Lessons will be inclusive and allow all students to understand the subject matter, have their progress checked regularly and identify any misconceptions in their learning.

It is important that as students prepare for their final exams they are equipped with the skills to integrate new knowledge into large concepts.

Using appropriate and effective assessment provides both teachers and students with clear targets and a route on how they can achieve those targets which are mirrored across the school. Intelligent and laser sharp use of assessment will inform the curriculum design ensuring a personalised curriculum.

Students are given the opportunity to read for pleasure as well as an understanding at various point during the school day and ICT will across the school in all subjects provide an insight into the world of technology.



The impact of our broad and balanced curriculum will be to have a significant impact upon student engagement and outcomes.

More students will engage in their learning and will be engaged in learning, whilst developing the key skills required for the next stage of education, employment and training. This will reduce incidents of negative behaviour and allow teachers to embrace a positive mind set with all students.

Student outcomes will show that we have a fully inclusive school which offers a broad and balanced curriculum with key assessment points.


Year 7 Curriculum Model 2019/2020

Year 8 Curriculum Model 2019/2020

Year 9 Curriculum Model 2019/2020

Year 10/11 Curriculum Model 2019/2020

Year 12/13 Curriculum Model 2019/2020

Independent Study Policy 2019


For curriculum enquiries, please contact Kieron Bailey, Curriculum Lead – Kieron.Bailey@E-ACT.org.uk




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