KS4 High-Level Plan

TermYear 10Year 11
1Criminal Justice System

Including the Arrest process, PACE, UK Courts, including Youth, Role of the CPS and the importance of ‘the public interest’ How Justice has historically been, and continues to be managed by the community, Critique of types of evidence and their viability & the four aims of punishment
International Systems of Governance & exploring social change

International comparison with the US Electoral college system and Riksdag of Sweden to compare how governance works around the world. Attention given to types of control including dictatorship, theocracy & constitutional monarchy with an exploration of how social change occurs through a case study of Detroit, Michigan
2Exploring topical questions

Exploring topical questions such as what the age of criminal responsibility should be, the role of women In justice, how public bodies should be held to account & the correct age of voting in the UK
Role of the Media

Exploring the role of the Media in the UK including the importance of the free press ,including how this can be used as a vehicle for change. Examples here also include the role of pressure groups, lobbying etc via the media. A Critique is considered of fake news and the moral panic, in addition to a critical exploration of what constitutes something being ‘in the public interest’
3Resolving Civil Issues

Overview of the UK Civil courts, role of Citizens advice, Trading standards and enforcement officers. Including who to go to for advice in each situation is explored here. The role of the local authority in decision making also becomes apparent and will be revisited in later session on devolution of power
Consolidating concepts

This Composite draws together themes across previous ones, incorporating exam application to best embed themes and idea’s from across the course
4Democracy in the UK

Overview of democracy in the UK including types of elections and how they occur, both houses of parliament and all relevant roles within them. Students critically evaluate the Party-political system, and follow a Bill through parliament as a whole
Revision & Citizenship in Action

Citizenship in Action project consolidation to take place just before the final examination, along with general revision
5Devolution of Power

Including the role of the local authority and all three stages, the local elections and the devolved governments of Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland. Students must recognize the differences between, purpose of and structure of all of these bodies
6UK as part of the Global World

Students explore the role of the UN, EU & Commonwealth comparing the aims and successes of each. Including Britain’s role within them. Students also explore the role of NGO’s & Britain’s contribution to the global community in terms of aid, refugees and reaching global objectives such as the environment


Medium Term Plans

Composite 1 – The UK Justice System

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