Open Evening - Thursday 22nd September 2022 - 5.30pm to 8.30pm

Supporting our SEND students

Mission Statement

Making it possible for everybody, regardless of difference in body or mind, to be part of our school community, find their own personal place in society and achieve their potential.

The academy welcomes all students, including those with a disability and/or special educational needs.

As an inclusive academy we aim:

  • To ensure the early identification of all students requiring additional provision
  • To create an environment that meets the individual needs of all learners
  • To ensure that all students have equal access to a broad, balanced and differentiated curriculum
  • To ensure that all students take as full a part as possible in all academy activities and fulfil their potential
  • To encourage students to develop confidence and self-esteem and to recognise the value of their own contribution to their learning
  • To ensure that parents of students with additional or different needs are kept fully informed of their child’s progress and attainment and are engaged in effective communication
  • To ensure that students are fully involved in their learning and in decisions affecting their provision

Important documents

SEND and Learning Policy

SEN Information Report

Accessibility Plan

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