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Child Development

Intent Statement

Becoming a parent is one of life’s major experiences, and it is also one of life’s major responsibilities. Responsibility for the well-being of a child starts before conception and this provides students with an overview of the roles and responsibilities of parenthood alongside an understanding of reproduction and pre-conceptual, antenatal and postnatal care.

Students will develop an appreciation of the importance of creating the best conditions for a child to thrive. This includes creating a child-friendly home environment, including social safety and the care, management and prevention of childhood illnesses. Students will be able to apply knowledge and understanding gained to help develop their skills further to pursue a career in Midwifery, Play Therapy and Education.

In Terms 1 to 4 of year 10, students will develop the essential knowledge and understanding in child development, covering reproduction, parental responsibility, antenatal care, birth, postnatal checks, postnatal provision, conditions for development, childhood illnesses and child safety.

In Terms 4 to 6 of year 10, students will gain knowledge of the equipment needs of babies (birth to 12 months) and young children (1-5 years) and an understanding of the factors to consider when choosing appropriate equipment such as for travel, feeding, sleeping and clothing to meet all of their needs.

In Terms 1 to 3 of year 11, students will gain knowledge and understanding of nutritional and hygiene practices. Students will be given the opportunity to investigate feeding solutions, comparing these to nutritional requirements and evaluating the outcomes. Students will investigate the different equipment and nutritional requirements of children from birth to five years. Students will be able to apply their knowledge and understanding, through a practical activity, to show how the needs are met to promote the well-being and development of a child.

In Terms 4 and 5 of year 11, students will gain an understanding of the development norms from birth to five years and the stages and benefits of play. Students will gain knowledge of, and skills in, developing activities to observe development norms in children up to the age of five. Students will research, plan and carry out activities with a child and will observe and evaluate activities, as well as comparing the child to the expected development norms.  Students will develop transferable skills in researching, planning, observing and evaluating that can be applied to a range of subject areas.

Students will therefore be able to investigate the developmental norms of children from birth to five years. Students will develop an understanding of the impact of play on the developmental norms. Students will be to apply knowledge and understanding through practical activities, to show how play affects the development of individual children.

KS4 High-Level Plan


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