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Student leadership

Student Leadership

Here at the Parker we strongly believe in empowering our students to bring about positive change across our academy. Our Student Leadership team consists of three main strands

Main JLT

Our Main JLT consists of two elected representatives in each year group, selected through a May school wide election that typically coincides with the typical time in the year local elections take place. This allows us to support our students understanding of the electoral process, and supplemented by a Year 7 bi-election at the start of term two.

 All these students completed a full application and campaign process and won the secret ballot to gain their position, and meet with members of the schools Senior Leadership to input into their area’s of responsibility twice a term, participate in a range of events across the school calendar and wider consultations for example the selection of external providers.

A Pre-agreed agenda allows the JLT to be effective at gaining student voice from peers and they feed back regularly to their year group as part of this process.

Year 8Phoebe B
Nicol S
Year 9Riley U
Faith-Marie H
Year 10Emmylou M
Connor S
Year 11Nigel M
Ty L

Tutor Reps

Our Tutor Reps meet with their head of year on a termly basis to discuss issues specific to that year group and are a useful tool to keep the main JLT in touch with the student body as a whole.

Subject Ambassadors

Our Subject Ambassadors represent their subject area at a range of external events and provide feedback into aspects of the curriculum on behalf of their peers. They are an integral part of the options process allowing others to make informed choices and offer a unique student centred view to open evenings throughout the year.


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