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Parker PE Aim

Inspire students to lead a physically active lifestyle through providing opportunities to positively impact their physical, mental and social health.’

Parker Academy PE provide students with a broad curriculum which focuses on them developing knowledge, experience and love for physical activity and will enable them to be life long learners and participants.

Students engage in a diverse curriculum which, enables them to gain knowledge in variety of activities that enhance attacking and defensive techniques, strategies, understanding of outwitting opponents, creativity and sports leadership.

PE is a journey, focusing on knowledge and enjoyment, enhancing and embedding knowledge. Students are then split in Year 9 into Sports Performance or Health related fitness pathways. This provides students opportunities to develop in areas of interest.

We encourage students to take part in a vast selection of extra-curricular activities which include traditional sports, boxing, kick boxing and sports leaders.

The academy is also linked to a number of clubs providing opportunities for all students, these include; Daventry Town FC, Daventry Rugby Club, Daventry Athletics Club.

Sports leaders is an area of strength, providing students the skills to be effective leaders, supporting local primary school sports events. Enhancing their communication, planning and organisation skills alongside their confidence and knowledge of sport.

Further opportunities include; Football tour (boys and girls) PGC1 athletics coaching, school sports teams.

Girls football Year 7-10

Boys Rugby Year 8-10
Kickboxing Year 8-10


Boys football Year 7-9

Fitness Year 7-9
Sports Leaders

Boxing Year 7-10

Rugby Year 7

Girls Rugby
Basketball Year 7-8

Cross Country (15.35 finish)
Basketball Year 9-11
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