Open Evening - Thursday 22nd September 2022 - 5.30pm to 8.30pm


Music and Performing Arts

We recognise the importance of music as an enriching and educational activity that benefits our students. At The Parker Academy, we are fortunate to have students who are incredibly passionate about music and dedicated to their own instrumental practice, which is evidence by their amazing talent. We encourage all interested students to participate and work to develop students’ talents as much as we can.

Our Music extra-curricular activities include singing club, keyboard group, band practises, and guitar groups. We are continuously expanding our extra-curricular offering depending on the interests of our students. In addition, we work with the Northamptonshire Music Trust (NMPAT) to offer one-on-one tuition for students who wish to have private instrument lessons.

We perform a yearly Christmas concert and school musicals, which all pupils are encouraged to participate in.


Sam BY10Grade 7 Drums
Archie HY10Grade 7 Guitar
Olinthus BY9Grade 4 Violin
James PY11Grade 4 Guitar
Kes BY11Grade 5 Guitar
Frankie MY11Grade 7 Guitar
BIlly MY9Grade 6 Guitar
Oliver HY9Grade 6 Guitar
Evie BY12Grade 3 Guitar
Nicholas M Y11Grade 2 Guitar
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