Parker Pillars



Dream Big

We want all of our students to Dream Big and then give them the knowledge that allows those dreams to come true. We recognise that this knowledge is and the order that we teach it in are incredibly important to make sure that students have the best possible future ahead of them.


Stay Humble

To allow these Big Dreams to take place, we need to make sure that students realise we must change their long-term memory. If we don’t, then the knowledge hasn’t been mastered and the ‘big dreams’ can’t come true. Even when students are initially successful, they must Stay Humble and understand that they need to keep returning to knowledge, not to check to see if they can remember it, but so they are unable to forget it. And knowledge is like Velcro: the more of it you have, the more likely other knowledge will stick to it!


Work Hard

We will check to see if every component of learning has been mastered with a very carefully designed assessment to check understanding of very specific knowledge. Students need to Work Hard during each lesson as every piece of knowledge matters and they especially need to Work Hard if they struggle: either independently at home or with the support of their teachers. Those Big Dreams won’t dream themselves!




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