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All subjects continue to work on developing the curriculum design in their own disciplines, but with many aspects in common. All subjects have ‘Intent Statements’, which explain two things: firstly, why that subject’s powerful knowledge can have such a positive impact upon a young person and truly help them to ‘Dream Big’; secondly, the choices of knowledge and the sequence in which they are taught so as to best achieve the positive impact. All intent statements are inspired by our overall culture and ethos as exemplified in the Parker Pillars.

Below the intent statements, each subject has ‘High-Level Plans’ or HLPs that clearly map out the sequence of composites and components that students will be taught and give some indication of where in the academic year those composites would be started.

The next level down is the Medium-Term Plan or MTP and it is here that the detail of curriculum takes place. Each MTP is a composite of smaller chunks of learning, known as components. If composites are the ‘wall’ of knowledge that we are trying to build with our students, components are the ‘bricks’ of this wall. To continue the metaphor, a wall with bricks missing will be less stable than one with all of its component bricks, making consistently high levels of attendance and engagement so important.

Within each component of an MTP, you will be able to see the key knowledge that students need to know for this component, the assessment that will serve as a knowledge check of the learning, how to support or ‘scaffold’ for students with less developed ‘schema’ or background knowledge and how to support of ‘deepen’ for students with more developed ‘schema’ or background knowledge. Each composite also has a final composite assessment that requires all of the components to be able to complete successfully.

These plans are fully in place for Key Stage 3 (Year 7-9) and Key Stage 4 (Years 10-11) with Key Stage 5 (Years 12-13) being the main focus for our curriculum development throughout 2021-2022. However, all these documents are working documents as we constantly strive to improve our curriculum to be as effective and as life changing as we can make it for our students and the wider community.

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