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Teaching and Learning Handbook

Our vision for teaching and learning at The Parker Academy, reflects the high expectations and aspirations that all staff have of themselves and their learners.

At The Parker, learning is our ‘core business’; it underpins all that we do, as we recognise that an excellent education is the key to unlocking exceptional futures for the students in our care. We believe that all learners-whatever their ability-should receive high-quality teaching and learning every day-in every lesson-so they can achieve their maximum potential. Our teachers aim to enthuse, engage and encourage pupils to learn; staff foster students’ curiosity and aim to instil a zest for learning, through detailed planning and excellent delivery of lessons.

We encourage our students to take responsibility for their own learning, teaching them to be resilient in overcoming set-backs and persist with achieving their goals. We support our staff in being reflective. We value all opportunities to develop and share the expertise within our teaching staff. Our teachers are encouraged to see their peers as a resource for continuous learning; in doing so, new teaching ideas come from colleagues as well as from Professional Learning sessions, reading, research and their own creative solutions.



We have invested in the WALKTHRU Professional Development Package to continue our drive and focus on effective pedagogy in all classrooms. This package will be utilised in many ways across the Academic Year.

• Firstly, it will be delivered during designated CPD slots where staff will opt in to specific area based on self-reflection against the Mastery Rubric.
• Secondly, coaches may utilise the WALKTHRU materials to support and guide staff on specific areas that will develop their practice.
• Finally, staff will be given access to the online WALKTHRU materials and additional books will be purchased so that they can access these at any point as a resource to support their own development.

Find the WALKTHRUs materials on our Daventry CPD Teams Page or here:


CPD Videos

Continued Professional Development Matters.

Teachers and Teaching Assistants make the biggest difference in any school, as anyone who has ever worked in education knows. At The Parker, we are committed to supporting and developing our staff in their Professional Learning by providing a range of opportunities for continuous professional development.

Visit our CPD page for Videos of CPD, coaching and support from staff across the academy: Parker CPD TEAMs Page


Recent Wider Reading

A collection of research, reading and videos to support our shared vision



“Improve not Prove”

As part of our continuous drive to improve the quality of education at The Parker E-ACT Academy, we have implemented Instructional Coaching as a programme for professional development.

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