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Every pupil will have access to a fully inclusive and appropriately challenging curriculum, which is taught by highly qualified and outstanding teachers.  We expect all pupils to strive for excellence in their academic studies and that they will challenge themselves to extend their knowledge and understanding. High aspirations for all pupils will allow them to flourish as life-long learners and we welcome your support in challenging our young people to strive for personal excellence in all they do. WORK HARD 

At the heart of my personal values is respect. I expect all pupils to be respectful towards all staff and their peers, allowing outstanding learning to take place. Pupils who fall below our expectations will be challenged and supported in developing themselves as a committed and successful pupil. STAY HUMBLE 

Our staff will demand the highest standards from each and every pupil; ensuring they are punctual, smartly dressed, polite and conscientious learners. The school community will challenge every pupil to aspire for academic excellence and we will provide a 6th Form provision which will allow access to Russell Group Universities. DREAM BIG 

We look forward to working in partnership with you in The Parker community to improve the life chances of our young people.  

The Parker Academy are committed to safeguarding all of our students and staff and we ensure that all policies are followed to protect all stakeholders.

I encourage you to visit the Academy to find out more about what we offer: please contact reception for an appointment on 01327 705816 or email


Andrea White


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